High speed Graph database in memory

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The entire engine executable is less than 400KB

High-speed in-memory

The entire graph data is loaded into memory for operations without disk read/write latency


The database can be embedded into your software projects, similar to SQLite, without separate deployment and operations


NeuroDB adopts a simplified instruction set, making it easy to deploy and operate the database with low learning costs


NeuroDB can run on mainstream operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac), mainstream mobile operating systems, and any embedded systems or microcontrollers (such as STM32) that can run C language target programs

Graph Modeling

NeuroDB’s visual client implements the concept of graph data “derived” based on a model, allowing the design of node and relationship structures in modeling, similar to designing attributes (attribute name, attribute data type, attribute data length) on nodes or relationships as in a relational database table structure

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Welcome technical enthusiasts to contribute their creative code, and contributors will be credited on the official website. Thank you to the following community contributors:

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