# About NeuroDB

The current field of graph databases is rapidly developing, and various domains are no longer satisfied with the tabular representation of data. Traditional relational databases have limited exploration and utilization of complex networked data. Therefore, a special tool is needed: graph databases. Currently, most graph databases on the market are foreign products that are large in scale, cumbersome, and expensive. They are not suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises or small projects. Many business scenarios do not want to migrate all business data to a graph database, but only want to implement a graph data functionality module. It is even more impractical to purchase a large-scale graph database. In addition, some embedded hardware developments (such as STM32 chip development) cannot provide abundant resources to run a large-scale graph database. NeuroDB emerged in response to this background of demand.

# About the Author

Guoming Pang Software architect, participated in the writing of many books on graph databases, and worked as a front-line programmer.

  • WeChat: pgmrun
  • Github: http://github.com/pangguoming
  • Email: pangguming@yeah.net
  • Bilibili: https://space.bilibili.com/238528235

# About the Team

The first version was independently developed by author Guoming Pang. Currently, we are looking for aspiring individuals to join the team. If you are an algorithm expert, a database development expert, or a full-stack development engineer, you can contact the author and let us make a difference in a field together.